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    Thanks! Your crew was great. Bruce was especially thorough, skillful and polite. A great job by all and the best paint job we've ever had. See you in the fall!

    Peter S.
    Shaker Heights

  • Tips For Staining Wooden Furniture

    [caption id="attachment_2942" align="alignleft" width="343" caption="Tips for Staining Wooden Furniture"]Staining[/caption]


    This past weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first moving day. Besides the endless trips back and forth from my apartment to our U-Haul, and trying to direct traffic around our monstrous truck, one of the hardest parts was finding furniture at a reasonable cost. Now, living in a family where home remodeling came natural to me, I decided to buy cheap and unattractive wooden furniture and fix it up with stains, paint and other tools. One of the best decisions I made was buying a very ugly looking desk and staining it to match the other furniture I had purchased months ago. Here are some tips for staining your wooden furniture.

    Wood is a beautiful material, but not all wood is equally beautiful. The choice woods are prized chiefly for the beauty of their color and grain; the common furniture woods are less desirable not because they don't work as well but because they don't look as nice. Antiques, whether hardwood or softwood, are often beautiful simply because the wood has acquired a patina that new wood doesn't have. In furniture refinishing, one great equalizer is used to make the wood look better: stain.

    Staining is done for a variety of reasons. Properly used, stain can emphasize the wood grain and give a light wood character. It can make a new wood look old or a common wood look like a rare one. It can pull together a two-wood piece, restore color to bleached areas and change or deepen the color of any wood. Staining is not always advisable, but it can solve a lot of problems.

    Before you stain any piece of furniture, take a good look at it. If it's made of cherry, maple, mahogany, rosewood, aged pine, or any of the rare woods, the wood should probably not be stained; these woods look best in their natural color. If the wood is light, with a relatively undistinguished grain, it may benefit considerably from a stain. Beech, birch, poplar, ash, gum, and new pine are usually stained before finishing. Some woods, like oak, are attractive either stained or unstained. In general, it's better not to stain if you're not sure it would improve the wood.

    The type of wood is not the only guideline for staining; your own preference should be the deciding factor. To get an idea how the piece of furniture would look unstained, test an inconspicuous spot -- on the bottom of a table, for example -- with whatever finish you plan to apply. The finish itself will darken the wood and bring out the grain. If you like the way it looks, there's no need to stain the wood. If you want a darker color or a more pronounced grain pattern, go ahead and stain it. 

Once you know what type of wood you are working with, it will be easier to choose a stain that will enliven and restore the wood. There are many types to choose from.

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