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  • Tips For Cleaning Your Oven

    [caption id="attachment_2327" align="alignleft" width="313" caption="Tips for Cleaning Your Oven"]Cleaning [/caption]


    Ovens are one of the most used tools in your home, especially in the winter. Now that we are nearing the end of the summer, why not take some time and give your oven a good solid clean? Mrs. Clean is here to give us some tips and advice when it comes to keeping your oven clean.

    You know the signs... Black smoke and the stench of burned food when you are baking.

    Burned sugars, like those from baking pies and such are the worst, both in the awful smell and in the difficulty to remove.

    All the baked-on black stuff is called carbon and it can be hard to remove. Here's the best cleaning tips that I know of to get your oven clean.

    Safety Precautions:

    Oven cleaners are, by nature, quite harsh. If you’re going to clean your oven, always wear a strong pair of rubber gloves. When spraying caustic chemicals, eye protection is a must. Avoid breathing oven cleaner fumes. Your body will thank you later!

    An important note: if you have a greasy or extra large spill in your oven, wipe as much of the grease out as possible before attempting to clean the oven with chemicals or even the self clean option.

    Extra large pieces of food and debris should removed before cleaning the oven. Both self cleaning and spray on oven cleaners will be able to do a much better job for you.

    The self-clean feature raises the temperature to extremely high levels that can start a grease fire even without a flame. Not to mention a large amount of foul-smelling smoke from the burning grease.

    If your oven bottom is completely covered in food waste and grease, the cleaning chemicals will not be able to penetrate all the way through.

    Read more at Mrs. Clean

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