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    "Thank you for the great work. The newly painted room looks fantastic. Tom notices everything so that if there is a chance I might want something additional I can have them do it. I feel very comfortable with the guys, and as usual your company came through, does what I need done, and does not disappoint me."

    Susan H.
    Cleveland Heights

  • They’re Cold…They’re Hungry…They’re Loud….They’re In Your Walls? Raccoons May Be Keeping Warm In Your Home

    [caption id="attachment_9707" align="alignleft" width="358"]Critters in Cleveland Raccoons Will Seek Warmth In Your House[/caption]


    With the cold weather (seems like this is the coldest one yet) we're experiencing, we are lucky to have a warm house to come home to. For raccoons, squirrels and mice, they have nests & burrow to hibernate in, but sometimes this isn't enough. They might be in your house and you don't even know it. We have homes in Cleveland Heights, and once in awhile, we'll get a phone call from a tenant saying they've heard scratching sounds in their walls, which is probably from a raccoon. Here is a useful story about how when the temperature drops (a lot), many critters seek warmth from a home. Enjoy:

    Everyone, it seems, wants to be in a nice warm house this time of year - and that has the critter removal business hopping. As the temperature plummeted, animals - especially mice and squirrels and at least one family of raccoons - began looking to move into residences across the state. Some were successful.

    "As soon as it got really, really cold, that's when the phones really got going," said PJ Winkelmann of Advanced Wildlife Control in Mequon.

    He is a second-generation co-owner of the 20-year-old company founded by his parents, Paul and Jessica Winkelmann. Critters, especially mice, can sense heat and will follow a heat trail right into your house, provided they can fit through the opening, wildlife removal professionals said.

    "They like to get in and stay warm just like we do," said Steve Butler, owner of AAA Pest Management in Milwaukee.

    If critters decide they want to come in, they usually figure out a way.

    "Squirrels and mice are rodents, so they have the dental equipment and jaw strength to actually open a hole if there isn't one there," Craven said.

    Nan Swain of Mequon can attest to that. "They chewed right through the roof of our addition," Swain said, talking about the squirrels that took up residence in her house. Once in, they made themselves at home. "It sounded like there was a party going on in there," Swain said. "That's how loud it was."

    Courtesy of JS Online

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