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  • Staying Safe at Home for Seniors

    [caption id="attachment_3241" align="alignleft" width="264" caption="Staying Safe in the House"]Citizens[/caption]


    There are many areas in your home that to you may not seem dangerous at all, but for a senior citizen can be very unsafe. Kitchens, backdoor patios, stairs, the bathroom etc....these are all areas of a home where seniors could have an accident, so why not take the time to enure these areas to be safer. Here are some helpful tips and advice for making sure your home is safe for a senior citizen:

    Where are seniors most likely to have accidents while in their homes? Kitchen, Bathroom, Stairs?

    The answer is on the stairs, according to most safety experts. Tamara Kato of Comfort Keepers in Arcadia, California enjoys helping seniors live productive lives in their homes.
    She says use light sensitive night lights in unlit stairwells and hallways. Make sure railings on the steps are secure and use non-slip surfaces on stairs to prevent feet sliding, especially while wearing slippers.

    - Paint porches with grit to prevent slips
    - Railings need regular inspections for sturdiness on porches and steps
    - Consider replacing steps with a ramp for use with wheelchairs. Allow several feet for the ramp to slope gradually.


    Remove extension cords, throw rugs and other tripping hazards
    - Use light sensitive night lights in unlit stairwells and hallways.
    - Place light switches at doors to prevent walking in the dark.
    - Install smoke alarms in every room and test the batteries regularly.

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