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    Thanks! Your crew was great. Bruce was especially thorough, skillful and polite. A great job by all and the best paint job we've ever had. See you in the fall!

    Peter S.
    Shaker Heights

  • Springing Into Action: DIY Updates


    With Spring finally here, your list of things to do around the house has probably been piling up. Here are some tips for tackling those jobs, courtesy of eHow Home:

    Anthony Gilchriest, a professional handyman in Los Angeles, California, suggested you create a checklist of things to do.

    “Perform an inspection of your home — inside and out — notebook in hand,” he said.

    Outside the home, Gilchriest said, check the gutters for clogs caused by leaves and other debris, and the downspouts. They must be clear, uncracked — they can be tested with a garden hose — and securely attached to your home. Non-maintained gutters can lead to basement flooding, roof damage and foundation trouble.

    He also says to check the roof for loose or missing shingles that may need to be replaced. Check the deck to see if it needs re-coating or a power wash, and the driveway for a possible fresh coat of sealant.

    Inside the house, peek around areas that you don’t often frequent. Check the water heater for leaks and the foundation for any cracks that may let in outside moisture. Go to the attic next. If there’s any hint of mustiness, that may be a warning sign of incoming water. Inspect the roof for leaks.

    With luck, you won’t find any major issues. However, you are likely to come up with a laundry list of small things that need attention now before they become big things.

    “You may want to hire a contractor to perform some of the more complex tasks,” Gilchriest said. “But the key is to determine your needs.”

    Read more at eHow Home
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