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  • Bringing Nature Inside

    [caption id="attachment_2993" align="alignleft" width="340" caption="Interior Design Ideas for Autumn"]Design[/caption]


    Autumn is a great season to redecorate your home, and incorporate nature into your home decor. After reading this post, and seeing some examples of what others are doing, start bringing things into your home, and see if you can use them around the home. Here are some ideas:

    Bringing nature indoors for the holidays is actually a rather old tradition. It's the motivation behind garlands, live Christmas trees, evergreen wreaths, and other nature-based traditional holiday decorations.

    In fact, nature celebrations are the basis for some of our major holidays. You can decorate your home with natural materials this year and be both modern and traditional. Here are some ideas.

    1. Natural Wreaths
    You can buy wreaths made from cut greens, but you can also make your own. In fact, you can make a live wreath by planting a trailing plant, such as English ivy, in a pot. Then wrap the trailing plant around a frame that you have inserted into the pot. Add lights if you like, or berries, nuts, and other natural decorations.
    You can also weave your own wreath from cut greens. Wearing sturdy gloves, gather the greens into bunches and wire the bunches at their base. Wire the bunches onto a wire frame, tucking the wired ends in amongst the green branches. If you don't have a frame, use wire to attach the bunches into a circle.
    Weave twigs into small wreaths. Hang these on your Christmas tree or attach them to gifts in lieu of a bow.
    Use dried or fresh bay leaves stuck into a craft foam circle to make a scented wreath. Add a few holly leaf bunches, berries, and pine cones to fill in any white areas left showing.
    Pine cones can be hot-glued to a circular craft foam frame as well.
    2. Garlands
    Cut greens make lovely natural garlands. Wire greens directly to your stair handrail or lay them on your mantle. You can hang cut greens over doorways in a swag type of design.
    Bay leaves make lovely, scented garlands. If you have a bay laurel shrub, cut some of it to make a garland or wreath. You can also purchase bay leaves in bulk at some markets, but fresh-cut works better for a garland. Using wire, secure bunches of bay leaves to a piece of twine until you have reached the length you like. You can intersperse the bay leaf bunches with dried fruit, pine cones, or other natural objects.
    Read more at Tree Living
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