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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "Greatest crew I ever hired to paint our house. Couldn't be happier with the final product!"

    Kathleen C
    North Olmsted

  • Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Pet

    [caption id="attachment_6128" align="alignleft" width="300"]Cleanup Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Pet[/caption]

    I recently came across this article when searching for ways to clean up after our pet's "accident." We have a five month old cat named DJ, and well, to make a long story short...he made an accident on my carpet. Cleaning up after a pet (especially the youngsters) comes with the job. Here are some tips to take care of those accidents:

    There is nothing like that new car smell, the odor promising thousands of worry-free miles. Unfortunately, your beloved dog had an accident in the back seat and that new car smell is now just a dream within a dream.

    Urine Stains

    Mop up the puddle as quickly as you can, especially on carpets. You don't want the urine to seep into the underlying carpet pad – otherwise the smell will always be there. Use absorbent material, such as a sponge or paper towel, to soak it up and be sure not to make the situation worse by spreading the urine around.

    Getting the odor out is extremely important because the odor signals that the area is an "acceptable" toilet.

    There are many products available to get out pet stains and odors. These are typically pet bacteria/enzyme digesters designed to eliminate stains and odors completely.

    Read more at Pet Place

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