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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "I would like to express my appreciation for the careful work and attention to detail that has made my home update a virtually painless experience. We now have a very attractive and usable attic that was transformed so well by your expert staff. Thanks for a great job!"

    Susan M.
    Cleveland Heights

  • Best Foods To Eat In The Hot Weather

    [caption id="attachment_9331" align="alignleft" width="300"]Cucumber is a Great Option in the Summer! Cucumber is a Great Option in the Summer![/caption]

    Skip the greasy barbecue food today, and go for something that will help you cool down. I will be pounding down water all day, and turning to fruits and veggies during this weather. Here are some snack and meal ideas during this heat wave:

    Cool Fruits

    Fruits that have a high water content, and are loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants, are your best bet for staying cool this summer. These include grapes, apples, pears, peaches, berries, dragon fruit and star fruit, but especially watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon as well as citrus fruits like oranges.


    Nothing screams summer-time like a big wedge of watermelon. A long-time child favorite, it’s time to bring this summer staple back into your diet. Watermelon is made up of 90 percent water, which assists in keeping you well-hydrated in the heat.

    Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon

    Other melons also bring with them a large amount of water, helping us stay hydrated in the high temperatures. Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are both very low in calories and high in potassium.

    Chilled Out Veggies

    There is an abundant supply of vegetables that can help lower body temperature when the heat soars. The best examples are cucumber, radishes, lettuce and leafy greens such as spinach and arugula, and fresh herbs such as mint.


    Whoever said the words “cool as a cucumber” was right. Cucumber’s especially high water content, coupled with its fresh and crunchy taste, make it a perfect summer veggie.

    Read more at Green Living Online 


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