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    "I thought I would write a quick note to let you know that our 'violation team' captained by David did a great job. As always I trust your guys, so the whole process was fairly painless. Thanks!"

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  • How Long Have Those Spices and Herbs Been Sitting on Your Shelf?

    [caption id="attachment_3142" align="alignleft" width="322" caption="Spice Rack"]herbs[/caption]


    We all have them, there is no denying it. Herbs and spices make any kitchen feel more complete, but is it really worth having them in there? I personally use a handful of spices when cooking, but some of those spices next to my stoves were most likely placed there only for show. If you're looking to clear out your home and de-clutter, then here is a list of the spices you want to keep...and the ones you want to toss.


    Leafier herbs tend to lose more of their characteristics when dried and, according to Bromberg, that means taking away "what's so special about basil, the freshness and brightness of it." He explains, "When basil is dried, it loses a lot of its flavor (not to say that it’s obsolete) and just doesn’t stand up the same way as fresh basil does."

    While certain dried herbs work well in recipes, Bromberg says, "In no way can dried basil stand up to the fresh version. Can you imagine a fresh Caprese Salad sprinkled with dried basil or a pasta with ripe Roma tomatoes and dried basil? I think not."


    Mint is definitely not an herb Bromberg recommends buying dried. Why? "It loses brightness when dried and the flavors are much more muted," he explains. "Some dried mints can even take on a hint of bitterness, which the fresh version does not have."


    When it comes to parsley, Bromberg is on the fence. Since they dry their own herbs at the restaurant, he says it depends on the dried parsley you're using. But one thing is for sure: dried parsley translates better than basil. As he explains it, "Parsley has an earthy quality that stands out through the drying process and still translates — it has a very distinct, pungent flavor." Try using it to flavor chicken, similar to how you would use dried rosemary or thyme.

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