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    "Greatest crew I ever hired to paint our house. Couldn't be happier with the final product!"

    Kathleen C
    North Olmsted

  • Sick of That Clunky Coffee Maker? Have Us Install a Built-In One!

    [caption id="attachment_9897" align="alignleft" width="337"]How About This For A Coffee Maker? How About This For A Coffee Maker?[/caption]

    Fed up with coffee grounds spilled over your clean kitchen? Want more space on your countertops? If you're a coffee nut like I am, take a look at this cool story from the WSJ about built-in coffee makers.

    Interested in having a built-in coffee maker in your home? Have your Home Mechanics and Cleveland Contractors do it for you. Not only can we de-clutter your house in Cleveland, but we can update it with our 21st Century House motto.

    Appliances and presses are disappearing from countertops in luxury homes, as built-in coffee makers offer a one-stop coffee shop in the kitchen.

    Such integrated brew systems are becoming both more common and increasingly automated—able to make a cup of coffee that fits individual tastes.

    Dirk Sappok, a product-development manager with industry leader Miele, says the most significant advancements in built-in coffee machine design include easy usage and expanded programming options.

    The devices—which average a few thousand dollars in price—include bean grinders with a half-dozen settings, adjustable dispensers that accommodate a range of cup sizes and multiple spouts that allow more than one drink to be prepared at the same time.

    Some of the modern units can be attached either to the plumbing or to a water reserve, "allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere: from a butler pantry or wet bar to even the master bedroom," Mr. Sappok says.

    The machines are more widely used in Europe than they are in the U.S., reflecting the fact that many of the manufacturers are based in Europe. Also, North American regulations for the devices tend to be stricter. Now, more built-in system makers are working to expand the U.S. market, according to industry experts.

    Courtesy of the WSJ

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