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    "Recently worked on our house and did an excellent job. Even took care of our dog 'Sherlock' during the job!"

    Kimberly S
    Cleveland Heights

  • How To Gain Weight…The Good Kind That Is

    [caption id="attachment_3394" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="Gain Weight The Healthy Way"]weight[/caption]


    No, I didn't make a mistake in the title. Usually it is the other way around, people living at the gym, trying to loose a couple lbs before Thanksgiving. But if you are trying to gain a little weight, don't go to Chipotle every day or think of this as an excuse to pig out at some of your favorite thai restaurants. Here are some tips for gaining weight...the healthy way.

    What most don’t realise is that there is a difference between gaining good weight and simply gaining weight – this article is going to outline some ideas for gaining good weight in the way of muscle, strength and bone density rather than fat. Too many people are impatient in their search for a healthier more muscular physique and try to gain weight in a hurry using gainer shakes, junk food or by simply force feeding themselves – all of these methods are ineffective and destructive to the body.
    The reasons for gaining weight may simply be adding muscle but it can also extend to those who are recovering from an illness or need the strength for a certain activity.

    1. Be conscious of what you eat - I have a strong belief that if we eat real and wholesome food our bodies have a very hard time converting excess to fat – usually it will dispose of it as either heat or waste from the body. Therefore it is so important to eat lots of whole foods when trying to gain weight, especially unrefined carbohydrates. Nothing builds muscle like a diet high in Oats, Brown Rice, Beans, Potatoes, and other root vegetables. They are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but provide your muscle tissue with the building blocks they need to grow lean and metabolic muscle. Complex carbohydrates paired with some protein and fat is by far the best way to add lean mass to your frame.

    2. Exercise with weights - To gain good weight resistance training is essential. The more muscle stimulated the more likely the food you eat is then funnelled into the muscles for repair and growth rather than put into fat cells. This is thanks to the improved insulin sensitivity that doing resistance training provides – I like to recommend doing some kind of weight bearing exercise 1-3 times a week for someone looking to take full advantage of this effect. Focus on full body workouts like these…… and don’t over do the cardio – sure if you enjoy running go out for the occasional run but do not make cardio a staple of your training regime.

    Read more at ZenToFitness

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