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    "We no longer have water in our basement! As always, thanks for your great, professional work. You have no idea how much comfort I have knowing that in complete trust, I can call someone on something I know so little."

    Joshua M.
    Cleveland Heights

  • Hiking For This CEO Is Just Right For Her

    [caption id="attachment_4176" align="alignleft" width="151" caption="CEO Laura Yecies of SugarSync Inc."]Censies[/caption]


    Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync Inc feel that working out in the morning is not only the best way to get the ideas flowing, but it frees up her time in the afternoon and night to get the work done, and take care of the kids. Jen Murphy of The Wall Street Journal discusses further in her article Finding the Road to Fitness and Friendship:

    In 2008, when Laura Yecies became the CEO of technology start-up, SugarSync Inc., in San Mateo, Calif., both her social life and her workout schedule took a nose dive.

    "I didn't have time for lunch dates anymore," says the 47-year-old mother of two 20-somethings and two teenagers.

    Ms. Yecies, whose company does cloud-based data storage and file sharing, has been hiking on weekends around her home in California for the last 15 years. This past spring she and three friends decided to start hiking together every weekday morning around 6 a.m. They meet at the Stanford University campus, a 10-minute drive from her home, and hike a 3.5-mile trail, which takes about 55 minutes, or a five-mile trail, which takes about 80 minutes.

    "It's a two-fer. I get in my workout and time with my friends," she says. "We're a chatty group, which makes the time go past really quickly." Ms. Yecies says the hikes are one of the most important things she does for her mental well being. "Exercise, being outdoors and being with friends combines the three things that I know help me manage stress."

    The Workout
    In addition to her weekday hikes, Ms. Yecies also joins friends on weekends in a six-mile hike with an elevation gain of about 2,000 feet. It takes her nearly two hours. "We see a lot of wildlife. One morning we saw a California golden eagle eating a squirrel. We've seen rattlesnakes mating in the summer."

    After her hikes, Ms. Yecies often does a strength workout, either in the parking lot with her friends, or on her own back home. Last November she bought eight personal training sessions. "I really wanted to learn proper form and have a routine I could do at home or on the road without professional equipment," she says. Her routine takes less than 20 minutes and includes sit-ups, push-ups, squats, tricep dips and bicep curls with dumbbells. "I just graduated from girl push-ups," she says, referring to push-ups performed with knees on the floor. "My husband shamed me into graduating to real ones," says Ms. Yecies. "Maybe one day I'll have Michelle Obama arms. But it hasn't happened yet."

    Read more at The Wall Street Journal

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