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    "Recently worked on our house and did an excellent job. Even took care of our dog 'Sherlock' during the job!"

    Kimberly S
    Cleveland Heights

  • Do You Like Working Solo?

    [caption id="attachment_4813" align="alignleft" width="324" caption="Working Solo"]working[/caption]

    If you know someone who is looking to start a new career, and they prefer to work alone and by themselves, then be sure to take a look at this article. There are some people who prefer working solo, and here are some careers that might be right up their alley:

    Do you work better in a team of one?

    Do you despise water cooler small-talk?

    Are you... an introvert?

    On Fox's hit show House, Hugh Laurie's character loves to diagnose diseases but hates the patients who have them. Although it makes for good television, a doctor position probably isn't an ideal career for people who don't like people.

    But there are plenty of other gigs that are better geared for those who hate to socialize. Check out these careers that let you get the job done while keeping social interaction to a minimum.

    Career #1 - Accountant

    While just about any position will require some amount of face-time with co-workers and clients, accountants find themselves diving into a spreadsheet more often than reaching for a cell phone. With plenty of financial data and tax information to digest, chit-chat time is at a minimum.

    Related Degrees:
    Business Administration

    Good News: The U.S Department of Labor predicts a 22 percent increase in job opportunities for accountants and auditors through 2018.

    Average Salary for Accountants/Auditors: $68,960*

    Career #2 - Computer Programmer

    t's not uncommon to see computer programmers listening to music while coding. Telecommuting is also an option at some companies. If you can write the code (which isn't easy) many tech managers might be happy to leave you alone.

    Related Degrees:
    Programming & Software
    Computer Science
    IT & Information Systems

    Good News: Job opportunities are expected to soar 22 percent for computer programmers and software engineers through 2018, according to the Department of Labor.

    Average Salary for Computer Programmers: $74,690*

    Career #3 - Writer

    Writing is a solitary process. The ability to block out distractions and stay focused is essential in this career. Marketing is one industry where writers and copywriters are in demand.

    Related Degrees:
    English/Creative Writing

    Good News: The Department of Labor expects salaried writing positions to increase as the economy strengthens. Online media outlets are driving many of these writing opportunities.

    Average Salary for Writers/Authors: $65,960*

    Read more at Yahoo Education

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