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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "The house absolutely glows with a new-found beauty. Tom is a genius in his ability to coordinate the work done to my home. In between many raindrops, he managed to get the painting done in a few days and have Mike, the roofer, and his crew tear off and replace the shingles and wood in two days time. And even though I'm on the west side, Tom was able to catch me before I left for work around 8:00 a.m. Your company has really boosted the resale value of my house. I plan to engage you again for interior work in the coming years. Thank you for a job well done!"

    Steven G.

  • Bye Bye Suggestion Box…Hello Ideas Kiosk

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    Remember those suggestions boxes? How often do you think companies read those slips of paper and think, 'Ya know what....that's an amazing idea!' Today, more and more companies are seeking advice from their employees with an 'Ideas Kiosk.' Rachel Emma Silverman of The Wall Street Journal discusses more in her article For Bright Ideas, Ask The Staff:

    Companies are moving beyond the suggestion box.

    In an effort to cut costs and create new products and services, firms are seeking ideas from their own employees on everything from money-saving strategies to product design. To encourage participation, some are holding contests, voting and setting up "ideas kiosks."

    It's often the employees—rather than outside consultants—who know a company's products and processes best. According to management experts, many of the most innovative companies tend to solicit ideas from staff throughout the organization, not just the executive ranks.

    But it's often hard for rank and file workers to be heard: Research has found that the average U.S. employee's ideas, big or small, are implemented only once every six years, says Alan G. Robinson, a professor at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

    Now though, more companies are realizing the value of their workers' input. Spurring the process are so-called innovation-management programs such as BrainBank Inc., InnoCentive Inc. and Spigit Inc., which help companies set up online idea-submissions systems in which employees can enter, comment and vote on ideas.

    Accounting and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers launched an idea-management website called iPlace two years ago as a way to gather employee ideas that could help cut costs, improve customer service and increase revenues, says Mitra Best, the firm's U.S. innovation leader.

    Read more at The Wall Street Journal

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