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    "Thank you for a tremendous job. Through all three parts of the work I've had done this year, Reilly has come across as total classy organization. I appreciated the professionalism and courtesy of your entire crew, and of course your good humor added to the enjoyment of what could have been a real inconvenience. My neighbors are the kind of people who ask, and I'll tell them all--with a plethora of rapturous and ecstatic enthusiasm--that I couldn't have been more pleased."

    Carolyn R.
    Mayfield Heights

  • Avoid the 5 Hour Energy & Beat The Afternoon Slump

    [caption id="attachment_2161" align="alignleft" width="440" caption="Best Way to Stay Awake in the Afternoon"]Beat the afternoon slump[/caption]


    We all go through it; the afternoon slump. Most people say taking a 20 minute nap or having a 5 Hour Energy is the best way to go, but according to Dr. Michael J. Breus, a contributor with the Huffington Post, these are the not the best ways to wake up. Read more what he as to say as the #1 tip for staying awake during the afternoon.

    Forget what Newsweek is suggesting as a way to beat the afternoon slump and just try this instead: a 20 to 30 minute nap. Seriously. I dare you.

    When you're feeling low in the afternoon, it's not because you pigged out at lunch and are now entering a food coma. It's also probably not because your blood sugar is taking a dip, even though a handful of M&Ms or a fat Frappuccino sounds good.

    There's actually something else going on unrelated to hunger: your circadian rhythm is cycling through a trough that normally happens about 8 hours after you woke up in the morning. So if you got up at 6 AM, then around 2:00 is when the body seems to slow down, your eyes will start to feel like heavy draperies, and you begin to crave a little shut-eye.

    Unfortunately, few of us let ourselves go have a cat nap. Instead, we fall prey to the belief that we're hungry (again!) and need that proverbial pick-me-up. How many people try to get through this lull with a sugary, caffeinated snack or beverage? How many calories does that add up to at the end of the year? I'd venture to guess a good 10 pounds, maybe more.

    Naps are sorely underrated in the US, but I'm a big proponent of them. They are calorie free, and will refresh you in ways no snack can. It's true that you can improve your memory and sharpen your brain in a matter of minutes in a quick slumber. If you don't believe me, go here and download info, including an informative PDF about the sleep-wake cycle in particular. It's remarkable stuff.

    And if it's the How-To of napping that prevents you from trying it, here are some tips.

    The Sleep Doctor's Guide to Napping

    • 8 and 30: Aim to take a nap 8 hours after your wake time, but no later than 3:30 pm (otherwise it could disrupt your ability to fall asleep that night, especially if you're early to bed). Set aside 30 minutes, since it will take you 10 minutes to fall asleep, which leaves 20 minutes for the power nap. Use an alarm clock.
    • Get comfortable: Shake off your shoes, recline on a couch or bed (if available), or in a chair. Turn off or dim the lights, or use an eye mask to block distracting light. Get a blanket to stay warm.

    Read more at the Huffington Post

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