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    Fortunately I just found out from the Shaker Heights housing inspector that everything passed inspection and that all of the violations have been successfully corrected. David did an excellent job in coordinating and assuring high-quality work on all of the many projects that were done here. We will definitely use Reilly Painting again in the future for other projects.

    Cleveland Heights

  • Andrea Simakis: Making Her Cameo in “Hot In Cleveland” Finale

    [caption id="attachment_2855" align="alignleft" width="301" caption="Andrea Simakis on the set of Hot In Cleveland"]Hot In Cleveland[/caption]


    The very popular television show Hot In Cleveland will have a new face in the crowd of extras, our very own Andrea Simakis. Simakis, an Art & Life journalist for The Plain Dealer, will have an appearance in the Season 2 Finale "Elka's Wedding." Simakis documented her experience on set with the stars of the show Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White.

    Los Angeles -- It's a Friday afternoon in April. In a few hours, I will walk onto a television soundstage on the very same lot where they filmed some of the most enduring comedies of the 20th century -- "Seinfeld," "Will & Grace" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" -- and perform before a live studio audience.

    To be fair, "perform" isn't the most accurate verb to describe what I am about to do, but divas, by virtue of being fabulous, think nothing of taking such liberties.

    While I am seated before a large mirror, two skilled attendants attempt to de-frizz my curls and minimize the raccoon circles under my eyes.

    "Sometimes, there's nothing you can do," says makeup artist Deborah Huss Humphries. But, she adds, it's amazing what a good light man can bring to the party.

    Across the hall, we can hear Valerie Bertinelli laughing. Like me, she and co-stars Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White are being dabbed and sprayed for tonight's show, an episode of the TV Land hit "Hot in Cleveland" titled "Elka's Wedding." In an inspired moment of typecasting, I will portray a Cleveland barfly in the Season 2 finale.

    Cynthia Romo, a two-time Emmy winner who has been Vanna White's hairstylist for 18 years, circles me with a curling iron, trying to tame my Medusa locks. Humphries has applied Girlactik Star Lip Gloss, cream eyeliner and other tantalizing products to a stable of living legends. They range from MTM herself, who turned up as a guest star in the first episode of the season as a hard-bitten prisoner in stir with White, to even a diva or two (prior to yours truly), most notably Ms. Susan Lucci.

    Though Humphries was tickled to have Buck Henry, Dick Van Patten and Carl Reiner in her chair just yesterday, "doing makeup on Mary Tyler Moore was an amazing experience. It was one of my career highlights," she says, attempting to cover an aggressive zit that has grown, Vesuvius-like, on my cheek.

    Read more at Cleveland

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