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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "Thank you for a tremendous job. Through all three parts of the work I've had done this year, Reilly has come across as total classy organization. I appreciated the professionalism and courtesy of your entire crew, and of course your good humor added to the enjoyment of what could have been a real inconvenience. My neighbors are the kind of people who ask, and I'll tell them all--with a plethora of rapturous and ecstatic enthusiasm--that I couldn't have been more pleased."

    Carolyn R.
    Mayfield Heights

  • Vote Mary Dunbar For City Council

    [caption id="attachment_4407" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="Mary Dunbar For City Council"]Dunbar[/caption]


    Our Q&A with Cleveland Heights City Council members continues with Mary Dunbar. Be sure to go out and vot November 8th!

    What has most impressed you about the competition for seats on City Council?
    After the 2009 election, I was fascinated to note that City Council embraced ideas that candidates brought forth, whether the candidates won election or not.  As a result of criticisms of the city's lack of strategic planning, for example, the city updated its 1993 Strategic Development Plan!  The ideas adopted would likely have been done differently if different candidates had been elected, but Council embraced approximations of many ideas that were generated during the election process.

    The 2011 election process has produced a number of good ideas that I expect City Council and our city government will adopt in some form, no matter who the winners are.  While this process of renewal is healthy, it would be even better to have several energetic and enthusiastic newcomers on Council.  I want to be one of those newcomers, because I am confident that I have the skill set, know-how, ideas and determination to contribute substantially to improving Cleveland Heights' future.

    You are a big proponent of ‘sharing information’ with Cleveland Heights Citizens.

    We need to be connecting the city to the citizens using the new social media tools.  If you can get an alert that a thunder storm is hitting your zip code, why not an alert that there was a break in?   Or why can’t we hear about the crimes that were solved instead of reading about the crimes in the Blotter? It’s not just about crime. The city is actually doing a lot of very good things, the problem is that more people must know about it.

    What sets you apart from the others running for City Council?

    I have lived in Cleveland Heights for over 30 years. I know the city, and know what the citizens want. I have a long-term commitment to Cleveland Heights. This blog story is great, but I have spent hundreds of hours walking the neighborhoods and hearing what people are concerned about. I can make a difference and bring a fresh perspective and solutions to the new problems we face.

    Anything funny happen on the campaign trail?
    Every day I found something to laugh about.  As just one example, one of my supporters wants our city to allow chickens in our backyards.  She wanted me to use this cause to differentiate myself from the competition for a seat on City Council.  Brimming with excitement, she suggested that I go door-to-door or make appearances wearing a chicken suit, or maybe she would come along with me wearing the chicken suit herself.  I suggested she go to a City Council meeting in her chicken suit and ask Council to adopt a change allowing three or four chickens (not roosters) in backyards in Cleveland Heights, as Cleveland has already done.  I told her I would support her cause once I am elected.

    Read more about Mary Dunbar at her website


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