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    "We no longer have water in our basement! As always, thanks for your great, professional work. You have no idea how much comfort I have knowing that in complete trust, I can call someone on something I know so little."

    Joshua M.
    Cleveland Heights

  • Vote For Mary Dunbar Cleveland Heights City Council

    [caption id="attachment_4107" align="alignleft" width="293" caption="Mary Dunbar"]Dunbar[/caption]


    The time to vote for Cleveland Heights City Council is November 8th. Mary Dunbar is on the ballot, and I recently took the time and asked her some questions on her campaign and what she plans on doing if elected:

    Mary, given all the problems the city is facing with housing, roads, policing, what is the first thing you would do if elected city council?

    Get on top of two things, really - our finances and housing. Where does our money come from and how is it allocated? Housing affects everything - tax revenues, school performance, safety.  Among the biggest complaints I hear from the people I've talked to are vacant houses and rental issue. There are too many vacant homes in Cleveland Heights, and this is a problem that I will confront head on. You take care of the vacant houses by attracting homeowners, you start solidifying the tax base. Dealing effectively with landlords and renters will improve our quality of life.

    What would you do about the vacant homes?

    Point blank: I would get them resolved. The banks must sell them, especially to homeowners. I want the government to be aggressively persistent about this issue. These empty homes could be torn down and used as greenspaces, or team up with renovators or first time buyers. Basically, 'it's all hands on deck' with housing.  Focus on expediting the vacant house that has been sitting for years bringing down the property values of the whole street.

    How do we prevent Cleveland Heights from becoming 'East Cleveland Heights'

    It's a quality of life issue. Look at New York City: they cracked down on "crime hot spots."  Issues in Cleveland Heights are dogs barking late at night and early in the morning, kids walking in the middle of the street, people pan handling in Coventry, parties at 1 am and rental homes with garbage littered everywhere outside. These are the nagging problems that collectively drag a city into a downward spiral, and they tend to prevail in certain neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods should be targeted and policed aggressively to discourage bad behavior.

    You are a big proponent of 'sharing information' with Cleveland Heights Citizens.

    We need to be connecting the city to the citizens using the new social media tools.  If you can get an alert that a thunder storm is hitting your zip code, why not an alert that there was a break in?   Or why can't we hear about the crimes that were solved instead of reading about the crimes in the Blotter? It's not just about crime. The city is actually doing a lot of very good things, the problem is that more people must know about it.

    What sets you apart from the others running for City Council?

    I have lived in Cleveland Heights for over 30 years. I know the city, and know what the citizens want. I have a long-term commitment to Cleveland Heights. This blog story is great, but I have spent hundreds of hours walking the neighborhoods and hearing what people are concerned about. I can make a difference and bring a fresh perspective and solutions to the new problems we face.

    Mary Dunbar is running for city council. Get out and vote November 8th! For more information on Mary Dunbar, visit her website.

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