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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "Thank you for a tremendous job. Through all three parts of the work I've had done this year, Reilly has come across as total classy organization. I appreciated the professionalism and courtesy of your entire crew, and of course your good humor added to the enjoyment of what could have been a real inconvenience. My neighbors are the kind of people who ask, and I'll tell them all--with a plethora of rapturous and ecstatic enthusiasm--that I couldn't have been more pleased."

    Carolyn R.
    Mayfield Heights

  • Thinking Quality Meat this Weekend? Think of Mr. Brisket

    [caption id="attachment_3038" align="alignleft" width="306" caption="Hanger Steaks from Mr. Brisket"]meat[/caption]


    If you're looking for top-quality and delicious meat this weekend for your Saturday night BBQ, be sure to stop by Mr. Brisket. With their assortment of mouthwatering steaks, chicken, burgers, ribs and veal chops, Mr. Brisket is the only place in Cleveland to get the best meat. Take a look at some of the items on their menu this weekend, which includes my favorite, the hanger steak! Mr. Brisket is located in Cleveland Heights at the corner of South. Taylor and Cedar.

    One of the difficulties in selling fish over the years has been the ability to show you what we got.  That's no longer a problem.  Our man in Tacoma, Jason, sends a pic of something yummy and we can show it to you.  What you see above is Ling Cod, a flaky whitefish with a flavor similar to Halibut. The season for catching Ling Cod is limited and we're fortunate that any is making its way from the west coast--where demand is great--to the corner of Cedar and Taylor in Cleveland Heights.  I sincerely doubt you'll find this fish anywhere else in Cleveland area--or Ohio for that matter.  The price for wild caught Ling Cod--fresh from the Bering Sea near the coast of the Aleutian Islands--is 17.95/lb.  That's ten bucks less per pound than you'd pay for fresh Halibut. We've ordered a limited supply so first come first served.

    In addition to Ling Cod, we have also brought in a modest amount of Wild King Salmon for the same price as last week--16.95/lb.

    One of the most popular cuts of meat out west is a Tri Tip.  This delicious piece of meat comes from the sirloin area and can be used with great success for any recipe that requires flank steak or any London Broil type of cut.  It usually weighs around 2-2 1/2 pounds  and can feed up to five adults.  What makes it special is that it is more tender and flavorful than cuts of beef used for similar recipes.  We've brought it in infrequently over the years but plan to stock it now with more regularity.  The reason?  At 7.99/lb it is a very good value.  Indeed, it's slightly cheaper than flank with better flavor.  This cut of beef would make a great item for your weekend grill as well as for those of you looking for something different to use for your Tailgate events prior to the Browns Opener.  Just rub with a little oil, lots of coarse ground black pepper, kosher salt and fresh garlic, and grill for about fifteen minutes.

    The first night of arrives Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday, September 28.  We're busy making soup and otherwise preparing.  As always, we have wonderful items--both raw and prepared--for your family.  Order your first cut beef briskets now and receive them for only 4.99/lb.  The price will rise.  Also, if you're planning to make your own Gefilte Fish, we grind fresh whitefish and pike.

    Also in stock for this weekend:
    Brined Whole Fryers---avg weight of 3 lbs---3.99/lb
    Brined Chicken Breasts---4.25/lb (weighed bone-in)
    Jumbo All Beef Hot Dogs---7.99/lb
    Thai Sausage---5.99/lb
    Turkey Burgers---6.99/lb
    Boneless Duck Breasts---12.95/lb
    Beef Hanger Steaks...9.50/lb
    First Cut Beef Briskets...4.99/lb (one last week and then the price goes up)
    Veal Briskets...6.99/lb
    Beef Short Ribs...6.99/lb
    Brisket Burgers...4.50/lb
    USDA Choice Beef Strip Steaks...6.99/lb (ten bucks less than prime--good for sandwiches)
    Beef Tenderloin---11.99/lb (weighed prior to trim)

    Read more at Mr. Brisket

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