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  • FAQ with the Best Doctors in Ohio

    [caption id="attachment_2785" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Cleveland Clinic "]Best Doctors[/caption]



    Cleveland has some of the best doctors in the world, thanks to hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic and Rainbow Babies & Children Hospitals. Cleveland Magazine dug a little deeper, and found the best doctors from some of the most prestigious hospitals in Ohio, and had them answer questions that most of their patients ask frequently.


    Dr. Elliot B. Davidson. Director of the Akron General Center for Family Medicine

    How often do you see your general practitioner (MD)?
    The Best Doctor says:

    Think of your family doctor as the quarterback of the team, says Dr. Elliot B. Davidson, director of the Akron General Center for Family Medicine. "We're specialists in things that are common, and most things are common." That's why he encourages people to schedule wellness checks with their primary care physician at least once a year. "A primary care doctor is an expert in prevention," he explains. "Maybe [the patient has] a minor problem that they don't think is a big deal, but it might be. There may be some things that the physician can suggest to them." Skin checks, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements, the aches and pains that come along with our 40s: These are all reasons to see your doctor. "If you go see the family doctor, we can decide together to have you see a specialist."

    Dr. Daniel Simon. University Hospitals' chief of cardiovascular medicine

    How often do you check your blood pressure?
    The Best Doctor says:

    Once you're on blood pressure medication, it can be for life. That's why Dr. Daniel Simon, University Hospitals' chief of cardiovascular medicine, urges his patients to address their blood pressure issues. "High blood pressure itself does not cause symptoms," he says. "You feel great, but the risk is heart attack and stroke five to 10 years down the line." For those with normal blood pressure, an annual check is fine as long as they keep in mind that blood pressure rises every year. Simon says checking your numbers is as easy as going to Walgreen's or CVS and using the free machine while there. If it's a little high, get to the gym, and stop with the cookies. "Weight loss, really as little as 10 pounds, is associated with significant reductions in blood pressure," Simon says.

    Read more at Cleveland Magazine

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