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    As a result of having been well-satisfied with a previous job done by your firm, we contacted you to paint several rooms in our house. Once again not only were we pleased with the job performed, but we were impressed with the care they took to protect furniture and carpeting. We will not hesitate to recommend Reilly Painting to others.

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  • Attention Cleveland Heights Residence: Voting Guide For Upcoming Election

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    The time to vote in Cleveland Heights is November 8th. Here is a guide to help you better understand the various issues, and people running for office, courtesy of The Cleveland Heights Patch:

    Ohio Issue #1

    Issue 1 would amend the state's constitution to raise the age a person could be elected or appointed judge from 70 to 75. It would also remove the legislature's right to create courts of conciliation and the governor's right to appoint members to a Supreme Court Commission.

    The website for the Ohio Secretary of State has extensive arguments for and against this issue. Briefly, the argument for passage is that it would widen the field of experienced candidates for judgeships. The argument against passage is that inadequate judges would find it easier to get or stay on the bench.

    Ohio Issue #2

    What: Issue 2 is a referendum on Senate Bill 5, a law passed earlier this year that restricts the subjects open to bargaining between governments and public employees' unions, among other provisions. If Issue 2 passes, SB 5 would go into effect; if defeated, it would be wiped from the books.
    Patch has provided a quick survey of  the main provisions, and a fuller discussion is available on the website for the Ohio Secretary of State.
    In general, proponents argue that the bill would help government organizations balance budgets by asking for higher health care and retirement contributions from employees, and would make it easier to reward good teachers by using merit as a base for layoffs and pay increases.
    Opponents counter than the measure not only would make it more difficult for police, firefighters and other public employees to negotiate fairly on wages, benefits and other issues, but is actually a radical effort to destroy the power of public unions.
    Ohio Issue #3
    Issue 3 would amend the state constitution to say that Ohio citizens or companies cannot be forced to take part in government-mandated health care system.
    The website for the Ohio Secretary of State prints extensive arguments for and against this issue. A quick summary: The issue is aimed at federal health care reforms adopted in 2010. Proponents argue that passing it would make sure consumers can keep their present doctors and avoid burdensome government interference in the health care market. Opponents say defeating it would make sure key elements of federal reform survive, including ensuring that companies cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
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