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    "The painting/repair team assigned to us was so professional, polite and efficient. The attention to small details made our house look really great. Tom, Bill and the team really listened to our concerns, whether small or large, and eliminated them all. It is so delightful to have had such a positive experience. We appreciate it very much."

    Janis P.

  • A Look At East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

    [caption id="attachment_3955" align="alignleft" width="440" caption="East Cleveland Mayor Gary J. Norton"]Norton[/caption]


    Plain Dealer journalist Joe Frolik explores the ideas and progress East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. brings to the table. Norton is ambitious and proactive, and plans on improving economic development to the city. Thanks to Peter Schofield for bringing our attention to this article!

    We often hear that "elections have consequences." Far too often in this era of hyper partisanship, its meaning boils down to: I won. You lost. I get my way.

    Meeting with congressional leaders in January 2009, newly inaugurated President Barack Obama told Republicans that he would consider their ideas for a stimulus bill, but cautioned them not to get their hopes up because "elections have consequences." Needless to say, GOP lawmakers made the same point repeatedly after last November.

    This year, wherever a baldly gerrymandered reapportionment map has popped up -- be it in Illinois, where Democrats controlled the process and drew a map to put six GOP congressional seats in danger, or Ohio, where Republicans rule and produced a plan designed to feather their nests -- some defender of the odd-shaped outcomes inevitably will point out that "elections have consequences." It is, in this context, an updated version of Sen. William Marcy's 1832 defense of patronage: "To the victor belong the spoils."

    But sometimes elections have consequences in the best sense -- by ushering in change that truly benefits a community rather than an individual, a political faction or an interest group.

    Just look at East Cleveland.

    For three decades, the once-prosperous suburb has been a poster child for every symptom of urban decline: White flight. Middle-class flight. Disinvestment. Abandonment. Political corruption. Fiscal emergency.

    If it could go wrong, it probably did in East Cleveland.

    Enter Gary Norton Jr., who was elected mayor two years ago. He took over a city that had lost 39 percent of its population in a decade. It's now home to fewer than 17,000 people.

    One of Norton's recent predecessors went to federal prison for taking bribes. Another admitted that she had killed a man -- in self-defense, she said. Eric Brewer, the one-term incumbent Norton unseated, was a very bright guy who said many of the right things about how to transform East Cleveland. But Brewer was too suspicious of any potential partner -- too much of a grievance collector -- to make them happen.

    Read more at Cleveland

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    1 Wonderful Comment

    1. Al Kuntz says:

      Nice positive comments about EC. However today, EC Mayor announces possible cuts for police and fire if the traffic light cameras are repealed at the ballot box. Now if traffic light cameras are the basis for budgeting for police and fire in this 17K population city, heaven help us.

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