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  • HomeSnap: The Most Useful Real Estate App

    [caption id="attachment_6565" align="alignleft" width="189" caption="HomeSnap"]App[/caption]

    Real estate is now becoming a very popular category in the technology world. The very popular app HomeSnap is a very handy application that makes finding out home values a lot easier. Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal discusses further:

    Let's say you're walking around your neighborhood, or a neighborhood you'd like to make yours, and you spy a house you find interesting. Even if it isn't for sale, you can just whip out your iPhone, take a picture of the home and in less than a minute, you'll have an estimate of its price, plus details on its square footage, number of rooms, similar homes for sale and other facts.

    This feat of digital magic, which works all over the country, is performed by a new, free app called HomeSnap, from a Washington, D.C., online real-estate firm, Sawbuck Realty. Despite its parentage, the company says that using the app doesn't send any data to a Realtor, or invite any calls or emails from one—unless you explicitly ask for such a connection. It's just a cool way to investigate houses and if you like, to share your "Snaps"—photo profiles of houses—with HomeSnap users and friends via email, text or social networks.

    Why would you want to use it? Maybe you're interested in buying the house if it ever comes on the market, or helping a friend do so. Or, maybe you're just curious, or nosy. Of course, you could be in real house-hunting mode, and HomeSnap gives you even more information if the house you took a picture of is for sale, including interior photos and bid history. There's even the option of contacting a buyer's agent, asking a question or requesting a tour—right from the phone.

    You can use the app to flip through Snaps taken by others, either in nearby areas or around the nation. (HomeSnap allows you to keep your own Snaps out of this "stream," if you'd rather your neighbors don't know you've been investigating their homes or you'd rather not tip off potential competing buyers.)

    Read more at The Wall Street Journal

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