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    Welcome to Reilly Painting and Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland home contractors who specialize in major home design projects and remodels, and minor home repairs. We also provide house rentals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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    "JP and Mike did an EXCELLENT job. They were punctual, polite, thorough, neat, and accomodating. If we were unhappy with anything, they sought to make us happy. In addition to doing the work we requested, they found additional problems, told us what they were, and then corrected those problems after we asked them to. We would be very happy to have them come back to do additional work in the future, when necessary."

    Vincent L.

  • Fall Outdoor Work is a Race to the Finish

    Fall is a great time to make this small addition to your backyard

    Fall is a great time to make this small addition to your backyard.

    Fall is quickly slipping away from us, and there’s still so much to do!  While you’re working to make the inside of your home warm and welcoming for the upcoming holidays, don’t neglect the exterior.  Fall in Cleveland is the time when you should be putting your flower beds in order, addressing any insulation problems, and putting away all your warm weather gear.  A little preparation before the winder comes means a lot less work once it’s all over.

    But have you ever noticed that when you trying to put all of you tools and outdoor equipment away, there never seems to be enough room?  Storage is always a precious commodity, and often the tools are last on the totem pole.  I’m sure  I’m not alone when I confess that more than one spring thaw has caught me red-handed with a rusty trowel that didn’t quite make it back to the garage before the snow.

    Simple solution?  Build a shed.  Sheds aren’t the same tiny utilitarian outbuilding you may be familiar with.  These days sheds are a personal style statement, an accessory for your house, and better yet, a custom storage area that will be a joy to use year after year.  Imagine a place for every tool, and every tool in it’s place.  No more hanging your gardening hat on the rake,and say goodbye to tools strewn across the back porch.

    And the best part?  You don’t have to do it alone.  Cleveland Contractors Reilly Painting and Contracting can help you build a shed that’s uniquely you.  We’ll work with you to make sure it satisfies all of your needs.  And fall is the perfect time to get this project out of the way.  Just be sure to call us soon, you don’t want the snow to catch your tools unprepared.  Life is hectic; let Reilly Painting and Contracting take care of what we do best.

    For all of your house upgrades this fall, remember to contact Reilly Painting and Contracting.

    Photos and shed ideas provided by This Old House

    This country cottage shed is a perfect home for more than just tools

    All those little details make this country cottage shed a perfect home for more than just tools.




    When your shed looks this good, you actually want to use it.

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    Avoiding the Hoard Before It Gets Worse


    Hoarding. When I imagine that word, I think back to 12 years ago babysitting for a family who tended to keep the house jammed with stuff. Newspapers. Clothes. Junk food. At the time, I thought the house may have been a bit disorganized due to the lack of square footage, but looking back on those years, the family (particularly the parents) could have very well been suffering from a hoarding disorder.

    After watching a couple of episodes of Hoarders on AE TV, what I saw and experienced back in my teenage years does not come close to what these families are enduring. Houses, office spaces, and backyards are jammed packed if not filled to the ceilings with garbage, documents, antiques, food, and, horror of all horrors, pets. Often times, children of compulsive hoarders are neglected because their parents are unable to manage their hoarding behavior.

    So why do I bring up this topic? One of the services that Reilly Painting and Contracting offers is de-cluttering and organizing homes throughout Cleveland, Ohio. We may not be hoarding experts, but often times customers contact us when they are preparing to buy or sell their home and need assistance getting rid of items from their home. In a way, we’re preventing further clutter and chaos from building up to the point of it reaching a potential hoarding episode.

    We also work with a Cleveland feng shui expert named Martha Royan to ensure that your home or office is organized efficiently.

    If you live in the Cleveland area and believe you may need help organizing your home, or if you know someone who could benefits from our de-cluttering services, please send us an email today to set up an appointment.

    Let us take this burden off of your shoulders. We look forward to helping you get back to doing the things you love to do.



    Photo provided by PS Mag

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    Signs It’s Time Have Your Roof Repaired

    Is your roof ready for the fall and winter?

    Fixing and repairing roofs during the Cleveland fall and winter season is a big part of the Reilly Painting and Contracting business. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of calls from home owners who have noticed water damage, flooded basements, or roof leaks. Today, we’d like to shed some light on what to look for when it comes calling a professional to fix a roof, or, worst case scenario, installing a new roof.


    Roof Repair Symptoms

    1. Light shines through from the roof into the home

    2. After a big rain storm, puddles of water are scattered around the home

    3. Cracked or torn shingles from the roof – This is something you will need to inspect when walking around your home

    4. Excessive amount of shingle granules (they look like large grains of sand) in the gutters — this is a sign of advanced wear

    5. Old age – How old is the roof? The average age is between 20 and 25 years

    If you nodded to any of these roof repair warning signs, we suggest giving us call today to schedule an estimate before worse weather in Cleveland starts to set in!

    Take a look at these photos below for additional signs and symptoms of roof repair

    Cleveland Roof Repair

    Reilly Painting Roof Repair


    As a Cleveland home owner or renter, these are problems that need to be fixed immediately. Please contact Reilly Painting and Contracting today to schedule a roofing estimate.




    Information provided by Angie’s List and Improve Net

    Photos provided by TenList and Select the Home Repair

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    Easy DIY Halloween Home Decorations

    Halloween in Cleveland, Ohio, is only a few weeks away. If you’re one of those people who wants to get a jump start on Halloween decorations, we’ve found some easy decorations that you can make on your own. Or, get the kids involved and have them create them with you!

    Hanging Bats

    Trace, glue,’e done!



    Dancing Lawn Ghosts

    Make your home the scariest in the neighborhood by using Styrofoam and cheesecloth


    Monster Archway

    Neighbors will love passing under this face to get their treats


    Photos and decoration ideas provided by Listotic 

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    Dry Erase Board Paint Demonstration

    Last Friday, we sat down with one of our representatives from Sherwin Williams in University Heights, Ohio to give us a demonstration on one of the newest and hottest home decor products, dry erase board paint. Take a look at our YouTube video below, and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more home repair and house contracting tips!



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    Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for the Remodeling Project

      BHGKitchen     HGTVKitchen

    Whether you’re showing off your home to renters or buyers, or putting drinks together for party guests, we think it’s fair to say that out of any room in a house, the most congregation tends to take place in the kitchen. In the spirit of upcoming holiday parties (bring on the food and drink!), we thought we’d show examples of kitchen tile backsplash that can help transform an outdated look to something much more modern.

    Reilly Painting and Contracting specializes in updating and remodeling kitchens in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you have a small or big kitchen, we’ll work with your budget to ensure that your kitchen remodeling dream comes to life. For more ideas on remodeling your kitchen, check out our Kitchen Pinterest board.






    Photos provided by HGTV, Antique Home, and BHG.

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    Hire a Contractor that’s Proactive, not Passive

    Reilly Painting and Contracting’s latest YouTube video gives our viewers an inside look into what makes this contracting company so successful. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we continue to add more videos about the company, our hiring policy, helpful home repair information, and more.

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    Put an End to Those Nagging House Problems

    Is this your common expression when the house doorbell fails to ring…yet again?



     It’s probably safe to say that you’ve felt that way about a number of home repair problems including

    • The garage door not closing properly
    • Lights not turning on or dimming the right way
    • Patio or deck feeling “uninviting”…maybe you’re even embarrassed to take guests out there

    As Cleveland enters into the fall season, now’s the time to start thinking about those pesky house problems that should be fixed BEFORE the cold weather sets in. To help you feel overwhelmed, we at Reilly Painting and Contracting recommend creating a fall home maintenance checklist to go through with a professional. Items on those checklist include

    • Get your mind in the gutters. Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
    • Button up your overcoat. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulk.
    • Get on top of roof problems. Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, or leaky vents.
    • Walks the walks (and drives). Take steps to repair damaged sidewalks, driveways, and steps.
    • Chill out. Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.
    • Freshen your filter. Clean or replace dirty furnace filters.
    • Give your furnace a physical. Have a professional inspect your heating system.
    • Gather round the hearth. Check fireplaces for soot or creosote build-up. Better yet, schedule a visit from a reputable chimney sweep.

    If you need help tackling any of these house repair problems, please contact Reilly Painting and Contracting today to set up an appointment: (216) 371-8160.






    Photo provided by So Write

    Fall home maintenance check list provided by BHG

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    Who We Are – The RPC Brand

    At Reilly Painting and Contracting in Cleveland Heights, we consider ourselves to be like the following companies: Apple, UPS, Fed Ex, and the Ritz Carlton.

    Who aren’t we? We are not Best Buy. We are not credit card companies. We are not the “old Browns.”

    With over 40 years of being in the contracting and home repair business, Reilly Painting and Contracting takes pride in caring for our customers. We are proactive. We come up with solutions to all of your nagging problems. Just like the new Cleveland Brown’s team, Reilly Painting and Contracting has an all start offensive AND defensive line.

    This past week, our in-house media crew has been creating a wide variety of videos explaining the RPC brand. We’d like to show you one of our most recent videos showcasing what it’s like to work for Reilly Painting and Contracting. We’ll be adding more videos to our YouTube channel, so please be sure to subscribe!





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    Get Your Greek On in Cleveland Warehouse District

    Greek Food in Cleveland, OhoioThe Cleveland Scene recently reported that Cleveland chef  Tommy Karakostas, owner of Lakewood and Broadview Heights’ famous Greek Village Grille, will soon be opening Santorini in Cleveland’s Warehouse District.

    The spacious 4,500 square foot restaurant will feature a large bar, dining room, and small patio adorned with traditional Greek colors of white and blue. Customers will be served a variety of authentic Greek entrees and a few surprises up Karakostas’ sleeve, thanks to the two-week trip to Greece that he will soon embark on.

    Aside from dining in Cleveland’s Warehouse District, members of the Reilly Painting and Contracting team particularly enjoying going to the Greek Festival in Cleveland Heights at the end of August. We’d like to know what Greek restaurants or festivals you enjoying going to. Leave your comments below!



    Photo provided by Lakewood Citizen

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