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    "I would like to express my appreciation for the careful work and attention to detail that has made my home update a virtually painless experience. We now have a very attractive and usable attic that was transformed so well by your expert staff. Thanks for a great job!"

    Susan M.
    Cleveland Heights

  • What You Need to Know About Storm Safety

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    Not everyone prepares for the bad things that might happen. But the truth is, it’s important to do so. It’s thunderstorm season for us, and we also get hit with a lot of the outlying weather from hurricanes this time of year. Because of some of the storms we’ve had in Cleveland these past couple of weekends, we want to make sure you and your family are ready for whatever storm might be on its way.
    An emergency kit is necessary for every home. You never know when you’ll need it, so it’s best to put one together sooner rather than later. According to the Red Cross, this is what should be in your kit:
    1. Water, one gallon per person, per day
    2. Food, non-perishable, easy to prepare
    3. Flashlight
    4. Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio
    5. Extra batteries
    6. First aid kit
    7. Medications and medical items, 7-day supply
    8. Multi-purpose tool
    9. Sanitation and personal hygiene items
    10. Copies of personal documents
    11. Cell phone with chargers
    12. Family and emergency contact information
    13. Extra cash
    This kit is fairly simple to put together – you only need to set aside time to do it. Keep it somewhere with easy access.

    If you have a smart phone, apps can be very helpful when it comes to safety. Read the following for our favorite weather and safety apps.
    RadarScope is a thorough radar app. The radar tracks weather in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and refreshes every 6-8 minutes. You can do as little as watch out for storm warnings, or as much as finding the exact location the eye of a hurricane will fall. This app can be as basic or as powerful as you need it to be.
    If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, the Guardly app can be lifesaving. By simply launching the app, your location will be sent to the authorities and you’ll be given direct two-way communication to send them more information. “It takes 8 taps to dial 911 on an iPhone (Home, Swipe, Phone, Keypad, 9, 1, 1, Send). It only takes 3 taps to launch Guardly (Home, Swipe, Guardly).”

    Even if you think, it won’t happen to me, it is still better to prepare than to be caught off guard. We urge you to think ahead to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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    Is Your Home Prepared for This Stormy Weather?

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    It’s thunderstorm season, and that’s already been proven here in Cleveland. It seems like every weekend there’s a torrential downpour. The storms aren’t over yet, so we’d like to give you some helpful tips on how to prepare your home for this type of weather. Preparedness means having things ready before the storm hits. Although it’s midway through thunderstorm season, it’s still a good idea to read ahead in order to see what you can do to better protect your home from any damage.

    The right time to sit down with your insurance adjuster is before the storm hits. It’s best to know what your insurance covers before it’s too late. A lot of the houses in Cleveland are pretty old and can suffer at least a bit of flooding. But flooding isn’t covered on most insurance policies, so that’s something you’ll want to double check.

    Three really helpful items that will help secure your home are roof clips, garage door braces, and window shutters. Although we don’t live in an area prone to tornadoes, the changing weather patterns mean more unpredictable weather. Our philosophy at Reilly Painting & Contracting is, better safe than sorry. The clips, braces, and shutters all help to prevent your roof, garage door, and windows, respectively, from blowing away or being damaged.

    Make sure your trees are trimmed back to avoid any damage the limbs might cause to your home. According to U.S. News & World Report:

    If you’re unsure about a tree’s health, consider hiring an arborist to check it out and possibly remove it (expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars). But you may be able to determine on your own if it’s healthy or not. Look for bare branches at the top of the tree, which might be a sign your tree is in poor shape. Also, take a look near the base. Are roots sprawled out at one side of the tree? That could be a sign your tree will eventually fall over.

    If you need help with any preventative home methods, be sure to give your Home Mechanics a call today. We want you to stay safe this thunderstorm season.


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    Jim Thome Honored With Statue; Who’s Next?

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    Former Indians star, Jim Thome, now has a statue near Heritage Park in his honor. It is to be officially unveiled at the game on Saturday. Thome has confided that he is not entirely comfortable with the statue. It isn’t that he’s ungrateful or shy; he simply feels that his former Indians teammates are also deserving. “It is a great gesture,” he does say. But he isn’t the only one who isn’t quite sure how to feel about it. There are conflicting opinions among fans as well. To that he says, ”I never played baseball for statues. I played because I loved the game. I love coming to the park. I love going out for a steak dinner with the guys after the game. I love everything about baseball.”

    Since the Indians are the only sports team in Cleveland to dedicate statues to their players, is wondering, Which former Cleveland Browns player or coach deserves a statue? Go to the webpage and take the poll!

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    Ohioans Are the Proudest in the Nation

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    The blog Motovo has ranked Ohio as the proudest state in Ohio. Yes, they got their stats from Facebook. But I still believe it to be true. Motovo attributes our pride to the great city of Columbus. Columbus is a pretty cool place, but I’ve still never found a city greater than Cleveland. I’ve also never met a Clevelander who dislikes their hometown. Even my friend who moved to Texas a year ago can never leave her pride behind – she got the shape of Ohio tattooed on her.

    While many of us dream of a broader future, we’d never truly let go of Ohio. This little Midwestern state that is so often poked fun of in movies and TV shows is what’s made us such loyal, strong, and determined people.

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    What To Do This Weekend in Cleveland

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    Sometimes we have nothing to do over the weekend, and after a stressful work week, that’s a good thing. But, sometimes we have nothing to do over the weekend and we start getting antsy. I’m sure we’ve all typed, “What should I do this weekend?” into a search engine. Well, look no further than This Is Cleveland for all the events happening in our city this weekend. Have fun!

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    People Keep Coming Back to Cleveland

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    There’s something that sets Cleveland apart from other large cities: a sense of community. As diverse as Clevelanders are, we are all loyal to this city we call home. We love Cleveland unconditionally and want only what is best for it.

    Signs of renewed vitality were everywhere. Downtown warehouses had been turned into lofts and restaurants. Several old movie palaces had been transformed into Playhouse Square, the country’s largest performing arts complex after Lincoln Center. The lakefront boasted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, in a futuristic design by I. M. Pei. The Cleveland Clinic had become a world center of medical innovation and was spawning a growing industry of biotechnology start-ups. How had so depleted a city managed to preserve and enlarge upon so many assets? And could a city that had once been a national leader in industrial patents in the 19th century reinvent itself as an economic powerhouse in the 21st?

    “It’s the people,” a woman who had recently arrived in Cleveland said when I asked what she liked most about the place. As with so many transplants to the area, she was here not by choice but by virtue of a spouse’s change of job. They had traded a house in Santa Barbara and year-round sun and warmth for an old estate on the East Side and gray winters and sometimes torrid summers. And yet they didn’t look back. “We’ve been amazed by how welcoming everyone is,” she added. “We’ve never lived in a place where everyone is so involved in its future.”

    Read more at Smithsonian.

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    Stop Asking Dumb Questions

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    My mom is a middle school teacher and even she knows it’s a myth that “there are no stupid questions.” Certainly you’ve heard yourself ask a stupid question and wished you hadn’t. Maybe you weren’t sure how else to phrase it, and that’s okay. Here to help you is Clay Zeigler with 10 tips on how to ask smarter, more thought out questions at work.

    My favorite rule is #1, which basically says that you should never preface a question with, “I know this might sound stupid.” This statement allows people to think that your question is stupid. Eliminating that phrase is a great step in the right direction, and it will probably boost your own self confidence.

    For more tips, read the article here.

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    Lifehacker’s List of Essential iPad Apps

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    Lifehacker, if you’ve never heard of it, is a website dedicated to helping you become a more productive, more satisfied member of society. They’ve recently compiled a list of all their favorite iPad apps. Some are on the more obvious side, such as Facebook and Netflix. But others you may find as good replacements for apps you already use but don’t like so much.

    Check out their comprehensive list here.

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    Great Summer Snacks for the Kids

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    When the kids are home for the summer, you have a little more control over what they eat. They’re less likely to trade their fruit for cookies with their friends, or stop at a vending machine for some junk food. But it’s also hard to get the little ones to want to eat the healthy stuff on their plates. If they are allowed to have fun with their food, they will want to eat it. They’ll see it as a game – an adventure. The Green Monster Smoothie above is just one example.

    Some more ideas are fruit kebobs, fruit Popsicles, and “candy” bracelets. Letting your child help make these snacks is an awesome way for you guys to bond as well. Keep your kids healthy this summer, and check out these great snacks.

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    Apartment Renters Q&A

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    If you’re a renter, you’ve most likely had questions about noise or rent that you couldn’t find the answers to. Are your neighbor’s dogs too loud? Here’s what you can do:

    Start by documenting the noise. Write down when the dogs bark and for how long. Do they bark nonstop for 20 minutes after the neighbor leaves? Or do they bark for 10 minutes every time someone passes the door in the hallway? Record the sounds from inside your apartment. See if your other neighbors will do the same.

    Approach your neighbor one more time. Try to be as sensitive as possible, as the neighbor likely cares about the dogs deeply. “If you say, ‘I think he’s stressed,’ you’ve already said, ‘You’re not a good pet parent,’ ” said Andrea Arden, a dog trainer.

    Read more at The New York Times.

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