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  • Have Your Gutters Cleaned This Spring

    [caption id="attachment_6508" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Have Your Gutters Cleaned"]Spring[/caption]

    With spring finally here, we can expect a lot of rain. Are your gutters ready to handle it? Have your gutters cleaned in Cleveland by Reilly Painting! Here are some tips for getting your gutters cleaned:

    A healthy, clean gutter helps to improve a home's appearance and overall weatherproofing. By directing rainfall away from buildings, gutters help protect foundations, walkways and siding, and maintain the property's value.

    Gutters function as part of a building’s overall weatherproofing system. They direct rainfall away from buildings to protect foundations, walkways, and siding. To avoid costly repairs and roof damage, gutter systems should be thorough cleaned twice a year. In most cases, early spring and fall are the best times of the year for gutter cleaning.

    Begin gutter cleaning by scooping out leaves, sticks, mud, pine needles, and other debris that may be clogging gutters and spouts. Particular attention should be given to clearing the drain outlet so any water in the gutter system is removed prior to pressure washing.

    Clean the length of the gutter with a pressure washer taking care to avoid splattering mud and grime in the process. Work toward the drain outlet as you power wash away dirt and debris. Telescoping wands and flexible gutter cleaning tools make cleaning remote areas from the ground a snap. These specially designed pressure washer attachments allow high areas to be cleaned with no loss of pressure. Additionally, gutter cleaners can be bent to conform to a variety of shapes for easy access to any area. The majority of the weight of telescoping wands is easily supported by wand belts for easy, comfortable operation.

    If water fails to drain freely from the gutters during power washing, obstructions in drainpipes must be cleared. Applying water with increased pressure may force water through the debris clogging the down spout. If flushing fails even at higher pressures, a plumbing snake may be used to clear the clog from the bottom up. As a last resort, disassemble the spout and clean it directly.

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