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    Welcome to Reilly Painting & Contracting, "The Home Mechanics," and Reilly Properties. We are your Cleveland Contractors who also provide rentals in Cleveland, Ohio. We have served Cleveland Heights for 35 years.

    Brook Reilly Photo This blog is edited, maintained, and written by Brook Reilly, a social media and blogging consultant based in Cleveland, OH.

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    "I finally got the bathroom of my dreams. JT, Marco and Mike are to be commended for their great work. My husband and I were impressed by the quality of their work. They were professional in conduct and neat. As for Dave, he is our guy. We have the utmost trust in what he says because he is honest."

    Lois R.
    Shaker Heights

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    Renters’ Guide to Grilling Landlords – by Mike Ferrante

    Tweet  Written by Mike Ferrante 216-322-5052. Email – Anyone who has rented is accustomed to landlords and property managers asking for in-depth information about their financial history, past residences, income, favorite color, etc.  Prospective renters fill in every blank … Continue reading

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    …And Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

    TweetWritten by Mike Ferrante We’ve all heard that children’s rhyme, “Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite”, right? Well, I have to admit, when I was kid, I put bed bugs in the same category as … Continue reading

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    What Do You Do When You’re Stuck In The Snow?

    TweetIt’s bad out there on those roads. Driving can be very stressful when the roads are covered in snow. Here are some tips you can use when you’re driving and if you get stuck in the snow. Don’t spin your … Continue reading

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    Are We Obsessed With The Snowy Weather?

    TweetI know I am guilty of this, but the Wall Street Journal has written a compelling story on how Americans are obsessed with the snowy weather. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a lot of us are taking photos of the … Continue reading

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    Check Out Our Latest Available Property In Cleveland Heights…Close To Coventry, Case and The Cleveland Clinic!

    TweetAre you or someone you know moving back to Cleveland, and looking for a place to live? We have available homes in Cleveland Heights, and our latest property on Hampshire Road is available now! It is seconds from Coventry Village, … Continue reading

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    The Roads Are Bad Out Tonight: Tips On Driving In The Snow

    TweetDriving in the snow can be a strain, and can turn very dangerous if you don’t drive safely. Here are some tips to keep you safe on the icy and snowy streets: Before starting out in snowy weather, take time … Continue reading

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    The Return of the Next Polar Vortex…Dunh..Dunh…DUNHHH

    TweetJust when we thought it would be back to the normal 30 degree weather, we heard on the news that another polar vortex will be making it’s way to Northeast Ohio this week. It’s starting to look like Tuesday – … Continue reading

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    The Katz Club Diner: Good Food…Good Mood…Great Time!

    TweetIf you’re in the mood for some good home style cooking,  The Katz Club Diner is where you should be heading. Located in Cleveland Heights, this restaurant has become the new hot spot for us Cleveland Heights folk. The restaurant … Continue reading

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    Safety Tips For Making a Fire In The House

    TweetIf you take a look at the forecast for tonight and Tuesday, you might already be planning on how to stay warm while in your house. Your heating bill will be very high this month, that’s a given. For those … Continue reading

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    The Benefits of a Short Term Rental

    TweetHave you ever moved to a city for a short period of time and had to put up with living in the sketchy motel next to that even sketchier trucker stop? Luckily at Reilly Properties, we offer a short term … Continue reading

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